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Our studio hasn't opened yet and this website is still under construction. We ask for your understanding!

General terms and conditions of business

These are our general terms and conditions. These apply to all our contracts and services, unless otherwise agreed.

Scope: These Terms and Conditions (T&C) apply to all services provided by Inner Flow Studio. By purchasing a "membership pass" that entitles the client to use any of our class, workshop or individual session services, the client accepts the following terms and conditions. 


Right of use 

a) By signing the contract presented by Inner Flow Studio, which is considered a binding registration, the client is entitled to use the premises of the doktor yoga studio during the advertised class times. The customer is entitled to use the premises 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the end of the classes/workshops to change and, if possible, to take a shower.

b) A legal claim to the use of services of Inner Flow Studio does not exist. For workshops and open yoga classes, limited numbers of participants apply. If special personal conditions are required for certain offers, these must be fulfilled by the customer. If these conditions are not met, Inner Flow Studio is not obligated to provide services. 

c) Participation in yoga classes and workshops is only possible if the client arrives at the studio on time at the specified starting time. For organizational reasons and out of consideration for other participants, no one can be admitted after the start time.

d) The customer must always behave in the studio premises in such a way that there is no disruption to the process. The furnishings of the studio must be treated with caution. During classes and workshops, silence must be maintained and any disruption, especially from devices, must be avoided. In the interest of all participants, the customer must adhere to the instructions of the short leaders. In the event of gross violations of these general conditions by the customer, such as assaults, threats, insults, sexual harassment, theft, poor hygiene, etc., access to the Inner Flow Studio can be suspended for the entire duration of the contract or forfeited upon the first violation the contractual services can be denied without this leading to an obligation to reimburse. Inner Flow Studio also has the right to refuse (further) provision of services without giving reasons.


Contract types and conditions

a) Passports/Contracts

The customer can choose from the following offers:

Trial class and trial month

Entitles you to take part in a single class (trial class) on a single date after prior registration by telephone or in person. The trial offer is only valid for new customers.

Individual sessions

Eligible to attend one or more individual sessions. Individual sessions can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment. The total amount will then be invoiced.


Entitled to participate in the selected class on the selected date (e.g. every Monday). Classes are subscription events that run without a set end.


Eligible to participate in a selected workshop. Workshops are group events with a defined beginning and end and a previously communicated learning goal.

A credit for unconsumed units is generally not possible (except during lockdown). The costs for all offers must be paid in advance and by bank transfer or Paypal.



Prices and payment:

All prices can be found on our website and are understood to be retail prices including 20% ​​sales tax. The costs for all offers must be paid in advance and by bank transfer or Paypal. Payment for the classes is made via SEPA direct debit in equal monthly installments at the beginning of the contract month. Cash payment is not possible.

In the case of an unlimited annual membership, the price is adjusted annually (date of first conclusion) to the price for the annual membership valid at that time. The customer must be notified of this. If the customer rejects the price adjustment, he/she is entitled to terminate the contract within fourteen days with immediate effect. If special conditions are granted for membership, the customer must announce a change in the basis (e.g. student) without being asked. The normal conditions must be paid immediately after the change.

Moving away, illness, accident:

In the event that the customer demonstrably moves his/her place of residence and work to a different location than at the time of conclusion of the contract, as a result of which the offers can no longer be used (travel time of one hour is reasonable) or If the customer suffers from a health problem which demonstrably (via a medical certificate) means that it is no longer possible to use the services for at least one year, the customer is entitled to terminate the term contract at the end of the next month, in the event of a health problem to terminate in writing with immediate effect. In the event of termination, the aliquot portion will be refunded to the customer or will no longer be collected.

If the health condition defined above makes it impossible to use the services of Inner Flow Studio for at least 4 weeks, the customer has the right to suspend the term contract with immediate effect for the duration of the illness without obligation to pay, provided a medical confirmation is provided place.

d) Limited number of participants/timetable changes:

The rooms of the Inner Flow Studio are rented and have a limited participant capacity. If the number of participants is high, a place in a specific class or workshop cannot be guaranteed. The customer is required to arrive punctually before every class. Participants will be considered in the order in which they register. Short-term cancellations of yoga classes for special reasons do not entitle the customer to a price reduction or termination.

Termination for Important Reason:

Without limiting the rights granted elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, Inner Flow Studio and the customer are granted the legal right to terminate the individual passes at any time for important reasons.



The place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Commercial Court Marxerstraße 1A, 1030 Vienna

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