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The studio has not yet opened and this website is only under construction. I ask for your understanding!

Inner Flow Studio

At Inner Flow, we combine various healing practices to increase vital energy, optimal health and overall human potential. We offer classes in Yoga, Steel Mace Vinyasa and Myofascial Relaxation, as well as consultation and customized individual sessions for specific ailments or for deeper healing.  Our offerings focus on practical techniques. All of our classes are based on the underlying concept that true strength comes from within and radiates outward. When energy stagnates in the body, a whole range of problems can occur, from pain to illness to depression. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness, increase energy and inner flow to create the conditions for true healing. Only when we achieve "Inner Flow" can we flow more outward, express ourselves more authentically, and improve our lives on all levels.

Team Anker
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Movement and healing

My passions.

Movement and healing have always been the greatest passions in my life. They have inspired me to write, teach and dance.


For several years I have studied healing arts from various countries and cultures and in 2005 I received my Master's degree in ethnographic writing and research on dance. I am also a certified Pilates instructor, meditation teacher yoga teacher with over 500 hours of training. Furthermore, I have trained in techniques such as Myofascial Relaxation, Cranisacral Therapy and Somatic Movement Therapy and had my own practice in New York City for 15 years.



After having children, I wanted to empower women to connect more with their bodies during pregnancy and birth, so I trained as a doula with a focus on prenatal/postnatal yoga. More recently, I completed a 100-hour training in movement coaching and Steel Mace Vinyasa.  


Today, I combine all of this knowledge to help people break unhealthy patterns, apply mindfulness techniques, and go deep within themselves to heal. I love this work and lead my students into flow - not only in the studio or on the mat, but ultimately in their lives.

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