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The studio has not yet opened and this website is only under construction. I ask for your understanding!

Find your inner flow with us

Welcome to Inner Flow Studio Vienna.

I am Adina Soffer from New York and I have made it my mission to help people find their own inner flow. The selected and high quality products from my online store will support you in this process.



I offer one-to-one sessions as well as group workshops and subscription classes in the following areas:

  • classical yoga

  • international yoga trends 

  • consultation, also online

  • classes for mothers with and without child

  • Myofascial relaxation with the appropriate aids

  • NEW IN AUSTRIA: Steel Mace Vinyasa


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Finally also in Vienna:


My name is Adina Soffer. I was born in New York and lived there for over 30 years until love brought me to Vienna. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for many years and also started my lifelong training in the USA. There Steel Mace Vinyasa is already widespread and very popular.


My concern is to make the wonderful effect of Steel Mace Vinyasa palatable to a large group of yoga devotees in Austria as well.


The Steel Mace is originally an old mace from India. If this is integrated into the yoga training, 

not only mindfulness and concentration are practiced, but also strength and body tension reach a new level after only a few sessions!

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Yoga zu Hause


Book individual appointments, workshops or one of our yoga or fitness classes and become part of our family Inner Flow community.


All active participants in our offerings receive access to our exclusive members' area, giving them the opportunity to network and share with other members.


Plus, Inner Flow members always receive the latest information about new classes and special bonus offers before anyone else. Regular customers also receive discounted vouchers for individual sessions and our Inner Flow web store with many yoga and fitness products for your workout in the studio or at home.

Myofascial release - Workshops


RAD brand AXLE roller helps to relieve tension.


Myofascial relaxation can provide lasting help in relieving pain after injury to muscle tissue. This treatment or exercise method is based on manual massages that stimulate the affected area and promote the movement of muscle fascia under the skin. It is also used by physical therapists to improve the functionality of the tissue. 


Even for uninjured people, these exercises help activate body parts, relieve tension and overcome numbness if necessary. Finally, with the right tools from our online store and an individual introductory course, the exercises can be easily performed alone at home. Myofascial relaxation is the perfect self-massage: effective and not at all time-consuming.

Here you will find everything your inner flow needs and more!

Find your Inner Flow


Thank you!

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